Water management

Water consumption is core to operating our business. Water, wastewater and associated emissions have significant environmental impacts.

Our pubs use water in our kitchens for preparing food and cleaning. Within our managed pub and franchised portfolio we operate water management systems which drive significant improvements in efficiencies and reductions.

Marston's Water - Self Supply

On 1st December 2017 Marston’s Water was launched, supplying water to our own properties. This gives us more control over water usage and allows us to drive savings initiatives.

The new open water market launched in April 2017 and is the largest of its kind in the world. The market allows eligible companies and other organisations to self-supply and manage their own water retail services, providing an alternative to using a separate retailer and the additional costs that might entail.

Marston’s was the 3rd company in the UK to be granted a water-self supply licence by Ofwat in the new water market.

To date, we have switched over 1,778 water and wastewater supply points to Marston’s Water. Between October 2020 and September 2021 we have saved 81,402 pints of water a day by driving water saving initiatives.

For any enquiries regarding sites that Marston’s PLC supply, please contact marstons@waterscan.com. As part of our licence obligation, we provide a live list of sites to Ofwat once every quarter.

Marston’s PLC hold a Water Supply and Sewerage Licence limited to Self-Supply (Licence Numbers: 055/2017/WL & 054/2017/SL). We have been operating in the Open Market since December 2017.

Marston’s PLC only supply sites in England where water and sewerage services are our responsibility. Our licence does not cover Franchise or Landlord supplied sites. Managed English pubs that are included in this Licence can be found here: https://www.marstonspubs.co.uk/pubs/finder/.


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