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We are a people-powered business. We recognise that at the very heart of everything we do are our friendly, real, and empowered team members.

Our business has grown over time and we now have more than 11,500 employees at around 1,479 pubs, inns, and offices across the UK with a culture that is focused on creating happy, memorable, and meaningful experiences not just for our guests but everyone at Marston's. We ensure that everyone across our business is treated equally and we are committed to attracting and retaining the very best talent regardless of gender.

To highlight this commitment, we have introduced a Diversity and Inclusion policy as part of our code of conduct across the business. We aim to create an environment in which all individuals can make the best use of their skills, free from discrimination, and in which all decisions are based on merit.

Marston’s has also signed up to the Diversity in Hospitality, Travel & Leisure (HTL) Charter where organisations in the industry come together to collaborate and work up tangible actions to improve diversity and inclusion across the sector.

We continue to review and develop our employees through our performance and career development process. This helps us understand the opportunities that exist surrounding career and learning for our diverse workforce

Understanding our Gender Pay Gap

Gender Pay Gap 2017 to 2021

2017 23.9%
2018 20.1%
2019 19.7%
2020 18.6%
2021 10.7%

Percentage receiving a bonus

Female 2.4%
Male 2.6%

There have been reductions in almost all metrics for the gender pay gap across the business in the previous 12 months, with our gender pay gap reducing from 18.6% (2020) to 10.7% (2021). We recognise that the TUPE transfer of our Beer Company to Carlsberg Marston’s Beer Company during this reporting report has played a part in this decrease.

As we are now a pub focused business with 11,000 pub employees the gender split around pay is now more aligned. Within our Pub Support Centre with c.500 employees the gender split is historically more male orientated, however, our gender pay gap has still significantly reduced.

As mentioned in previous years, whilst there is a gap, it is not driven by equal pay issues. Like a lot of businesses, we have a historically higher proportion of men than women at the most senior management levels, this is something we continue to address.

From a bonus perspective, due to the impact of COVID, there were fewer, lower-valued bonuses awarded compared to 2020. With our gap between male/female due to a higher area manager male population who were awarded the majority of the bonus awards in this period.

Our gender split per quartile remains consistent, the upper quartile where our Pub Support Centre employees sit is where the disparity appears.

I confirm that the Gender Pay and Bonus Gap calculations and the data provided for Marston’s Trading Ltd are accurate.

Andrew Andrea

Headline Figures (April 2021 snapshot)

Metric Female Male Gap (%) Change from 2020
Average Hourly Rate £9.15 £10.25 10% 7.9% lower
Median Hourly Rate £8.91 £8.91 0.0% 0.3% lower
Average Bonus £2,677.26 £4,678.05 42.8% 10.7% lower
Median Bonus £778.85 £1,584.17 50.8% 33.3% lower

Looking ahead

Our vision is to create "Pubs to be Proud Of"

Hayleigh Lupino
CFO and Chair of the Inclusion Taskforce

Listening to our people

We want everyone to enjoy working at Marston’s, which is why hearing from our teams is so important. Our Your Voice monthly survey provides a platform for everyone to have a say, while enabling us to listen and quickly respond to the everyday issues that impact people’s worlds. The feedback influences everything from internal improvements to our pubs and pub support centre, to supporting health and wellbeing, to improving our approach to rewards and recognition.

Improving for our people

An Inclusion Taskforce has been formed, chaired by Hayleigh Lupino, our Chief Financial Officer. The group comprises a mix of people with a passion for inclusion, who are providing input into our overall approach. We are in the process of setting up an LGBTQ+ network and a women’s network, these groups will help us to focus on the right priorities.

We are continuously improving inclusion training for all, with quarterly focuses on wellbeing, women, mental health, race and ethnicity, men and disability. Most recently we have signed the menopause pledge. We are a supportive and understanding pub business and we recognise that one in ten women that work for us are in the menopausal age category. Our commitment is to get better at educating ourselves, encouraging our women and men to talk more openly about their experiences.

"We have a responsibility to create an environment where people are proud of who they are and feel they can be themselves."

We feel that this applies just as much to our team members as it does to our guests and suppliers. To make it happen, we have made inclusion a priority and we have a plan.

Our inclusion and wellbeing calendar recognise key dates and events that are important to our teams and guests, helping us to bring topics to the fore. We are celebrating LGBTQ+ History Month and PRIDE, International Women’s Day, Stress Awareness Month, National Inclusion Week, Black History Month, International men’s Day and Disability Awareness Month.

We are a Disability Confident Committed employer; we are also members of Stonewall's Diversity Champions programme and WiHTL are supporting us to create a more diverse and inclusive environment. We collaborate to learn and be better, we get guidance from the best.

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