Social impact/ Responsibility

Our approach

The responsibility for ensuring that Marston’s operates in an ethical manner is that of the Board. In order to ensure that the strategic goals are achieved in a manner consistent with the Company's ethics, and to help communicate these values to our operations teams, the Board setup some years ago a CR Committee headed by the Corporate Risk Director.

The Committee sets the CR strategy, defines targets where appropriate, and has oversight of the actions taken by the business to achieve the strategy. The CR Committee is in consultation with the wider business concerning how the Company engages with employees, customers, communities, charities and the environment. The CR strategy and progress on related action points is reported to the Board.

The CR Committee follows a CR strategy to support the Group's long-term growth and commercial objectives. The Committee adapts this strategy in relation to the emerging trends impacting our customers and employees. The Committee has identified five strategic priorities and tracks progress against targets for each of them:

Our CR strategic priorities Our goals Our targets
1. We care about our customers’ wellbeing Food safety, health options, responsible marketing Supplier audit coverage
2. We invest in our people Health & safety, employee engagement, training and development Reduction in accidents, engagement scores, training courses completed
3. We partner with suppliers who share our values Ethical sourcing Adoption of our Food Suppliers Charter amongst our supply chain
4. We celebrate our local communities Charitable support, community involvement Charities supported financially, and though staff involvement
5. We reduce our environmental impacts Waste segregation, water efficiency, CO2 emissions Energy reduction. Food recycling. Zero waste to landfill

Our Code of Conduct “The Marston’s Way” embodies this responsible approach to business. The Marston’s Way acts as a guide to our people on how to behave, and also as a point of reference to our corporate policies which themselves also reflect our business values.

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