Energy & carbon

Energy and carbon are two of our biggest environmental impacts. Heightened environmental awareness, costs, regulation and advances in technology are also driving Marston’s to develop new programmes to improve efficiency and reduce carbon emissions.

The use of energy throughout our business has been re-evaluated each year. For Marston’s improvements in energy utilisation through green technology, building design and behavioural change are intended to drive significant savings in emissions.

Greenhouse gas emissions
Source 2021
CO2 tonnes
CO2 tonnes
Electricity & gas 71,297 79,491
Petrol & diesel 8,866 12,031
Refrigerants - pubs 5,039 5.161
LPG 1,873 2,118
Oil 302 160
Total 87,377 98,962

Greenhouse gas emissions intensity ratio
2021 2020
CO2e tonnes per £100k (turnover) 16.97 12.05

Energy usage
Scope 1 and 2 346,892 441,564
Scope 3 64,947 6,427
Total 411,839 447,991

Note that:

  • We report on all the measured emissions sources required under the Companies Act 2006 (Strategic Report and Directors’ Reports) Regulations 2013.
  • Data collected is in respect of the year ended 30 June 2021, in accordance with the Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting regulation.

Net Zero Roadmap

We are a signatory to the Hospitality Zero Carbon Forum, established to decarbonise the sector at pace. Together with 18 other hospitality organisations and backed by UK Hospitality and BBPA, we have created a team of leading sustainability experts to combine resources to systemise adoption of emission reduction initiatives and publish an industry-wide net zero roadmap by September 2021.

The forum is pledging to act now to achieve net zero carbon targets faster, more efficiently and cost effectively than acting alone. We believe this approach could act as a template for future industry sector collaborations in the UK and globally.

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