Diversity and inclusion

At the heart of everything Marston's stands for as a Company is people. The beer we barrel, the food we serve, the environments we create and the moments our customers share in our pubs – everything is focused around our extended community. Catering for the preferences of many different people (be it employees or customers) is therefore fundamental to our business and it is essential that we consider diversity in our decision-making processes.

Purpose of this document

Our focus has been on engaging with the uniqueness and talents, beliefs, backgrounds, capabilities and ways of working of individuals as well as continually developing an inclusive culture in which all people are valued and respected. By embracing employee diversity and inclusion, we know we can draw on the best talent, contribution and commitment from all backgrounds.

This policy aims to create a framework within which everyone can work together with respect for each other and with equality of opportunity. As a Company, it is up to every single one of us to ensure we are guided by this framework to create an environment where all views, beliefs and differences (of ourselves and our customers) are fully embraced.

Ways of working

As with all of our policies, this policy is underpinned by our ways of working.

We Care

We want our people to feel valued for their efforts and have the opportunity to discuss their performance, development needs and what's important to their career.

We Celebrate

We want to recognise and celebrate their strengths, helping them to make the most of their talents and achievements.

We Dream Big

We want our people to reach their full potential, achieve their career goals and strive to be the best they can be.

We are One Team

We want to identify and develop talented people, who help our business grow and contribute to Marston's continued success.

Valuing all - protected attributes

We recognise the importance that equality legislation has to play in promoting equality and eliminating unlawful discrimination and will meet all of our legal requirements. Our Equal Opportunities Policy covers our approach to the characteristics that are protected by the Equality Act 2010: Age, Disability, Gender reassignment, Marriage or civil partnership, Pregnancy and maternity, Race, Religion or belief, Sex and Sexual orientation. The Equal Opportunities Policy also covers our commitment to not discriminating in the areas of recruitment, selection, promotion, transfer, training, access to benefits and services, discipline or dismissal and selection for redundancy.

In addition, we will not tolerate our people being subjected to physical, sexual, racial, psychological, verbal, or any other form of harassment, bullying or abuse. Any such actions will be dealt with under the Company's disciplinary procedure.

Finally we also seek to exceed our legal obligations. Our business functions with people at our heart and we understand that simply having diversity in our workforce is not enough; we must create an inclusive environment where all people can contribute their best work.

Framework for inclusivity

To continue to develop our culture of inclusivity, our key 5 principles are as follows

  • We aim to create a culture that is representative of our society and communities, knowing that embracing difference enhances our capability
  • We value our people for their contribution and will celebrate diversity in all aspects of our business
  • As well as not tolerating bullying and harassment in any form within our Company, we will endeavour to protect our people from any form of third party harassment and from adverse treatment because of association or perception related to one of the attributes above
  • We recognise the need to support the unique and diverse needs of our customer and community base and will work to ensure that we exceed their expectations of us
  • We expect our suppliers and partners to actively support us in achieving a diverse and inclusive culture and to be able to demonstrate this

What we expect from our people

Every one of us is required to play our own individual role in enabling the Company to meet its commitment to provide equal opportunities in employment, avoid unlawful discrimination, enable our company to be reflective of our customers and communities as well as fostering a culture that is inclusive to all, fully utilising and celebrating the talents of all.

Our company ambitions

We’re a diverse company committed to building an inclusive culture where people feel welcome and included for who they are.

We aim to ensure this commitment is reflected in both how we attract external talent into the business and how we nurture and develop people internally.

To do that, we’re focusing on:

  • Reviewing and adapting our policies and procedures to ensure workforce diversity and equal opportunities
  • Implementing initiatives that drive an inclusive culture where all employees feel accepted and valued
  • Recruiting people from a range of backgrounds at all levels, giving us access to a wide variety of viewpoints and perspectives that will contribute to the continued success of our business
  • Training our managers and wider teams to increase cultural diversity awareness, knowledge and skills
  • Encouraging our people to share their experiences and help each other to understand more about what diversity and inclusion means
  • Authentically telling our diversity and inclusion story and celebrating our approach – both inside and outside of our organisation

We’re committed to putting diversity and care at the heart of what we do. Our vision is to be an ‘employer of choice’, with a rich and diverse mix of people who reflect the societies and communities in which we work and serve.

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