Food & drink

  • We offer wholemeal and Genius (gluten free) bread as an option in our sandwich sections
  • We are working with Public Health England and the Department of Health to reduce sugar, salt and calories in line with their expected targets. We responded to the consultation on 2024 salt targets and will be working with our suppliers to achieve them in the intervening years. Our menu development strives to offer non-fried options in each section
  • We have a great range of low and no-alcohol drinks options. We offer a wide range of soft drinks, from traditional draught favourites to bottled fruit drinks and more adult focused premium minerals and mocktails

We recognise that a growing number of customers are interested in the nutritional values of the food they eat, so we provide full nutritional information for our core menus. These can be found on each pub's web page. Each nutritional list provides the daily reference intakes (RI) as they enable a customer to see how a particular dish from the menu contributes to the daily dietary requirements of an average adult. More information on RIs can be found on the NHS website.

For our customers a healthy and balanced meal is more important and for that reason our menus enable customers to swap the accompaniments to their main meal, for example chips swapped to a jacket potato or salad.

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