Health and nutrition

  • We offer wholemeal and Genius (gluten free) bread as an option in our sandwich sections
  • We are working with Public Health England and the Department of Health to reduce sugar, salt and calories in line with their expected targets. We responded to the consultation on 2024 salt targets and will be working with our suppliers to achieve them in the intervening years. Our menu development strives to offer non-fried options in each section
  • We have a great range of low and no-alcohol drinks options. We offer a wide range of soft drinks, from traditional draught favourites to bottled fruit drinks and more adult focused premium minerals and mocktails

We recognise that a growing number of customers are interested in the nutritional values of the food they eat, so we provide full nutritional information for our core menus. These can be found on each pub's web page. Each nutritional list provides the daily reference intakes (RI) as they enable a customer to see how a particular dish from the menu contributes to the daily dietary requirements of an average adult. More information on RIs can be found on the NHS website.

For our customers a healthy and balanced meal is more important and for that reason our menus enable customers to swap the accompaniments to their main meal, for example chips swapped to a jacket potato or salad.

Allergen information

  • The allergy app continues to give customers the opportunity to remove dishes that contain an allergen they wish to avoid using our simple filter system
  • All our pub teams have received training in provision of allergen information. This year our training on allergens has been rolled out to the wider team including members of our food development team, marketing, customer services and operations team. The training has reinforced how high we value the importance of equipping our teams with the right knowledge regarding allergens

Case study: Food Information

We maintain an online app for all our core menus to show the allergens present in each dish on our menus. The app is interactive and allows our customers to highlight the allergens they need to avoid and the app generates a menu specific to their requirements.

For instance our pub the Oddfellows (Compton, WV6 8AA) includes on its website a link our allergen app:

This allows customers to conveniently view the menu before arriving at the pub, or in pub itself where our staff are trained to assist.

We are aware that a growing number of customers are turning to vegetarian and vegan diets either full time or restricting their consumption of meat on certain days of the week. All our core menus offer a range of vegetarian dishes and we endeavour to ensure we have a vegan choice of starter, main course and dessert for each of our menus.

We have embarked on a major project to enhance our food information system in 2021. The new system will improve the collection of information from the supplier on nutrition, allergens, safety and Economic, Social, Governance factors. In time, this information will be delivered through our pub teams, including the kitchen team to ensure that guest choice regarding food, particularly regarding allergens, is adhered to with a high degree of accuracy.

Food sourcing

As part of our ongoing commitment to our customers and investors and to strengthen our brand integrity, we launched a Food Supplier Charter in 2017. This sets out our expectations and minimum standards for suppliers to meet that will enable them to continue as an approved supplier to Marston’s. The Food Supplier Charter is reviewed on an annual basis and was most recently updated with strengthened sections on antibiotics, free range egg commitment, healthy eating and use of plastics. The Charter will be updated next in 2021 to better support the new Food Information System and a Drinks Supplier Charter will be developed.

Our Food Supplier Charter can be viewed at:

  • All food suppliers are either BRC approved, complete a self-audit or are audited independently
  • Our steak/beef pies use 100% British meat
  • Our canned tuna is Dolphin friendly
  • Our chicken tikka masala and curry sauces are manufactured by a family business using recipes handed down through the generations of the same family. Chicken breast and sauces are marinated in spices sourced from India, then blended with a classic tomato-based sauce and finished with cream
  • Our lasagne supports British farmers as we use British farm-assured minced beef and then for a true authentic Italian taste we use Italian egg pasta

Case study: Sustainable supplySupply – Unique Yorkshire Peas

Since 2018 we have partnered with Yorkshire Greens for our premium fresh frozen Yorkshire Peas. This new company formed by d’Arta, a leading international frozen food company and 2 entrepreneurial Yorkshire partners, Swaythorpe Growers and GWE Biogas, produces the lowest carbon footprint frozen peas in the industry.

The peas are grown within 10 miles of the factory by Swaythorpe Growers, a partnership of over 40 family farms across the rich agricultural area of East Yorkshire and the Yorkshire Wolds. Many of these farmers are second or third generation pea growers, and their experience and devotion to the land helps to produce exceptional quality peas.

In the state-of-the-art production plant each pea is washed, cooked, cooled and frozen in a 20-minute process. So our Yorkshire Greens peas are frozen at the peak of freshness, requiring little preparation and minimizing waste but offering great value for money.

All the vegetable waste produced by the processing factory is transferred to the GWE Biogas plant which uses this along with other food waste to generate all the electricity for the pea processing, packing and cold storage operation.

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