Ethical sourcing

We have partnered with companies who share our ethos of sustainable, eco-friendly design and manufacturing.

Hypnos Mattresses

All our old mattresses are collected by Hypnos for recycling. Mattresses are shredded and separated into individual waste streams to be used as primary raw materials in other industries. Zero waste to landfill, where mattresses can take over 15 years to decompose

Read more about Hypnos’ approach to recycling here

Star Linen

Star Linen UK have created an Eco pledge. The main aim is to ensure they are doing all they can to protect our beautiful planet. This pledge will continue to evolve and grow. We have partnered with Star Linen UK and TFR Group to ensure that all our old bedding is recycled and re-purposed, to ensure that 100% of our old product is diverted away from landfill.

For more details visit their websites: Star Linen & TFR Group


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